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Laffree Audio Enhancement is founded by Paul Laffree. An Amsterdam based audio engineer who specialises in mixing and mastering and who has been active for over eleven years already. After finishing SAE in 2010 it was quite a bumpy road to get enough clientele to be professional. Working in a bar Paul met producer Reverse and asked if he was looking for a mix engineer. They took each others contact info but Reverse never called.. until a few months later, around midnight. "Paul right? And you can mix? Can you come now?!". The song mixed that day was "Ik Neem Je Mee - Gers Pardoel" that broke the record standing for 41 years for most successful dutch song in the "single top40".
Laffree Audio Enhancement was founded and the rest is history.






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Mixing & Mastering
Whether you have a great composition that needs a signature sound or you have a song thats needs sonic enhancement, LAE can help you tell your story.

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